Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pimp My Blog: Cheap Indie Author Spotlight

Hello All,

We're back.The next brave author to volunteer her book for the blog is Elizabeth Kolodziej. She's written a tempting vampire tale and would like to share it with you.She also offers some great. Please welcome Liz and feel free to ask questions or leave comments.

1. Tell us about your book(s).

Vampyre Kisses is an enthralling story about a young woman named Faith, who was content with her life, but deep down craved more excitement. Then a mysterious man named Trent enters her life and everything changes. Surprising to Faith, Trent is a green-eyed vampire from Ireland. She is even more surprised to find out that she is a witch, and the last of her kind.

Faith finds out that she is destined to restore her witch line and becomes more powerful as she gains confidence and knowledge, but danger lurks everywhere. Especially when unknown assailants steal the most important gems from the vampire master and werewolf royalty.

Now surrounded by a world full of mystifying vampires and werewolves, can Faith gain enough power to help her friends and rescue the stolen gems?

2. How did you go about getting your book published?

I self published my book through Eloquent Books for the paperback and published it myself through amazon, B&N, and smashwords.

3. Tell us about your marketing strategies.

Well there is actually a lot going on there. I have done blog tours, guest posts, I tweet, facebook, have my own website, advertise on sites like and nocturnereads. I have sent book proposals to places like B&N and Costco (B&N agreeing to buy 100 copies to put in their stores around the Delaware/Philly area), I am in the middle of trying to get up to 100 reviews of my book on amazon, goodreads, and other numerous sites. I am also trying to promote my work by submitting my short stories for anthology books. One of which I can proudly say was accepted. I try to get involved with as many book/reader conventions I can afford and get to. I have so many more ideas but some are still in the making. I am always trying to take every opportunity to talk about my book and let people know about it in any way possible.

4. What's the best advice you could give to new writers who want to get published?

Learn the business. There are two parts to this whole thing, the writing and the marketing/promoting. All of it is important because you can't have one without the other. I see too many authors who write a book and try self publishing it but think they don't have to tell people there book is out there. Get books on the subjects of this business and talk to EVERYONE you can about it. The writing community is such a big family, the closest and most giving I have ever seen, you can't be afraid to ask questions or ask for help. You won't meet many people that didn't have to start from the bottom and work their way up. They understand your dilemma.

5. What are you reading? (I added this question to give every author the opportunity to lend to support to other authors coming up in the ranks like we are. :)

I actually read more than one book at a time. I get crazy like that. Currently, Marked by Elisabeth Naughton, Tempting Evil by Keri Arthur, and Bitten by Kelley Armstrong.

Liz ^_^

If you would like your book featured on Cheap Indie Author, please contact me at karla (at) klbradywrites (dot) com for details!

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