Monday, July 11, 2011

Publishing Consulting...

I just wanted to reiterate for everyone who comes in contact with this blog that it is imperative that you read the blog from beginning to end before asking questions. I created it to follow a natural progression within the indie publishing the posts in the beginning will deal with things you need to know at the outset, and things you need to know at the latter part of the process fall at the end of the blog. Nine times out of ten, your question has already been answered if you just take the time to read the whole thing. This is free, certainly less than the cost of a book, and it's my gift to indie publishers, my way of paying my success forward, however little that success might be at this stage.

This process can be daunting and confusing if you don't have a foundation. This blog was established to give you that foundation if you don't have it already. But it's no good if you don't read it. Please start from the first post and work your way down, it won't take that long and I guarantee you will learn more for free than you will taking some several hundred dollar seminar with someone else. So please take advantage of it. But please read the entire blog first.

Thank you so much for your following. :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Combatting the Stigma of Self Publishing - Article