Saturday, May 1, 2010

Neat and Cheap Tools of the Trade #3 - Who's Your Printer

I did a book signing at a festival a couple of weeks ago, and, on my table, I displayed some 4x6 postcard with pictures of my bookcover on the front and the synopsis and review clips on the back. I also handed out some 2x9 bookmarks. Anyway, an author stopped by my table to pick up a card and I told her to take several and give them to other people that might be interested in them.

And she said, "Oh, I shouldn't. I mean--the cost." And I smiled and said, "Please take as many as you want." Didn't blink an eye. Let me tell you, I have so many postcards in my house right now that I could make it rain postcards over half of my neighborhood for about 5 minutes. And I didn't pay that much for them.

You might ask yourself, how can she do that? If you don't want to have to ration your marketing material, you've come to the right place.

First, I design them myself, right on Microsoft Word.

Then I order all of my marketing materials from This is one time you can trust that I have researched just about EVERY SINGLE printing company in this country--at least the online companies. And I can tell you I haven't found any other company that offers prices this low price and for the quality that you receive.

Let me give you a couple of sample prices.

1000 postcards (glossy color front,back ) $36.00
1000 bookmarks (glossy color front, back) $30.40

The more you order, the cheaper it is per piece. And even with the shipping costs (they're located in CA), I still get off cheaper than using other well known services. '

They do have design services which are really cheap. I used them to make a logo some time ago and the price was ridiculously cheap.

So, the next time you need marketing materials printed. GotPrint?

That's all for now.

Until next time, keep it real . . . and keep it real cheap!


  1. Thank you! I just spent too much ordering from Vistaprint and I am already out. I will definitely check them out.

  2. Karla,

    They sound very reasonable. Makes me think. If I bought from them, the shipping cost when they get here might not be worth it. We can find a way in this country to charge for everything - even stuff that's already been paid for. :)

  3. Hi Karla,

    I checked them out as they sounded ideal but they don't seem to cover the UK yet. :(

  4. Karla - you should start mailing out those post cards to friends, family, local school, libraries, bookstores etc. That's what I added to my marketing plan. I have a ton of post cards also.

  5. What did your cards look like? I think the hardest part for me is designing everything. I don't know where to start.