Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Support the Fundraising Auction for Author L.A. Banks!

I got the opportunity to meet the prolific, NY Times Bestselling author, L. A. Banks, at the Maryland Writer's Conference in April. She gave a presentation on becoming a bestseller. She was down-to-earth, funny, and let me tell you, she kept it REAL about the industry and how you can become a successful bestseller.

You want to know the secret? Work your ass off.

There's the secret. Hone your craft and write like there's no tomorrow. When you finish one book, don't rest on your laurels. Get out there and start the next.

I learned so much from her that day... and chatting with her after her presentation was over was such a THRILL. I had to pinch myself when I walked into a Target the next day and saw my book sitting on a shelf next to hers. It was such a surreal moment in my life. One that I will never forget.

Well, she's very ill right now, suffering from stage IV cancer. Her medical bills are mounting and she needs help.

Many authors, writers and literary agents have pulled together to host a fundraising auction on her behalf, similar to the Brenda Novak auction I support each year. They are offering a WIDE range of services and goods, such as manuscript reviews, literary agent consultations, query letter reviews, etc. etc. etc. Not only that, but you can bid on a chance to be in Zane's next books, boxes and boxes of young adult, romance and other adult books from publishers and a host of other goodies. There's even an all expense (or most expense) paid trip to the writer's conference in New Orleans.

And for the two individuals from this blog who win the highest priced items, I will give you a free consultation on your choice of ONE the following:

  • Review and provide detailed comments, line edits, and suggestions on your query letter
  • A review and line edit of your first five chapters of your work in progress,
  • Provide consultation and detailed suggestions on your self publishing business or marketing plan, OR
  • Provide you with a sneak peak copy of The Bum Magnet sequel, Got a Right to Be Wrong! (unedited)
To participate in the auction, please visit:

Auction ends in 10 days. Send the information about the item you won and price you paid to karla (at) Klbradywrites (dot) com and I'll pick the top two bidders.

Best of luck and please support this great cause.

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