Thursday, July 22, 2010

Question From a Follower

Hello Everyone,

I know I've been out of pocket quite a bit lately but I'm busy writing. I've finished a YA novel which I think has some great potential. I also have begun the sequel to The Bum Magnet which is really shaping up to be a lot of fun to write.

Not much has been going on in terms of the book deal. The contract has been signed and I'm waiting...waiting...waiting for the next stage. Based on the contract, I don't think anything will really get in gear until late August, early September. I will share as much about the process as I can.

I have a question from a follower that I'd like to address for all involved. Although I've covered similar material earlier in the blog, I think this is an issue that bears repeating again and again.

Great information. My first book was published in 2001 by a company that's no longer in business. My second will be ready for printing within a couple of weeks. I'm looking at both Lightning and CreateSpace but have also had Balboa Press recommended, an arm of Hay House. Do you have any thoughts on them? Thanks!Judith

I checked out the Balboa Press website and their packages and what I can say is that I would not use them, nor would I encourage anyone who asks for my advice to use their services. The cheapest package is $999 and if you've read anything about my blog, you know that you can use Createspace and Lightning Source to produce your book for a whole lot cheaper if you're willing to do some of the grunt work yourself. Some of the package prices are downright predatory as far as I'm concerned.

What their CHEAPEST package offers, you can do for yourself, through Createspace and Lightning Source for less than $500-- and really it's less than that. It can probably be done for about $300-$350.

Two things they don't mention on the site are "Returnability" (whether they accept returns) and "Wholesale" discount, how much of a discount they offer. If they don't offer returnability or at least a 40% wholesale discount (really needs to be 50-55%), then your book won't likely get into major retailers. Plus, what are your printing costs? They say they offer a discount for author copies but they don't say how much that discount is.

My advice is to just say no! Do it yourself. It will take a little more work on your part on the front end, but you'll save money on the backend AND you'll put your book in a position to get out to retailers. I can almost promise you it will be very difficult though Balboa press and the like. If you look at the past blogs, you will see many of the reasons I state for maintaining maximum control of your book, ensuring returnability, and having the ability to set your own wholesale rate. These are key issues to self publishing profitably and cheaply.

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  1. With all the information that available these days on self-pubbing (including the good info. you provide) I'm actually thinking about it for one or two projects of my own. I just have to have a clue as to what I'm doing first and the time and resources to do it. :)