Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pay It Forward Free Publishing Seminar - Saturday July 28th

It's here! I'm going to host a free pay it forward publishing seminar for aspiring authors on July 28, 2012 from 9-11 am. I'll be discussing...

  • My Publishing Story 
  • POD Publishing Processes 
  • Traditional Publishing Processes 
  • Answering YOUR questions on anything from publishing to marketing to my thoughts on the industry (if you ask). 
Join me and please tweet the information and share with your author friends. I don't have time to do these often so please come prepared to get the most from this seminar that you can!

Can't wait to meet you!

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K.L. Brady

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Interested in a Free Seminar on Publishing???

I'm thinking about doing a FREE Pay-It-Forward webinar or teleconference call for indie authors and unpublished writers who want to self publish or go the traditional route. As most know, I started out self published (on a shoestring budget) and got picked up by S&S so I have some insights on both paths.
I'd provide some tips on the business and then let you ask all the questions you want for maybe 1 - 1.5 hours.
Would anyone be interested? If I get enough responses, I'll do it. Leave a comment below if you're interested.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Interview with E-PublishaBook

Check out my interview with E-PublishaBook. I must say I enjoyed it and the questions were very different from most interviews I've done in the past. Hopefully, you'll enjoy it.

K. L. Brady is the author of “The Bum Magnet”, which won the first prize of 2010 Next Generation Indie Book Awards for Multicultural Fiction, as well as the Third Place Grand Prize Winner for Best Fiction of 2010. Currently living in D.C. with her son, working as an analyst for major government contracting firm, she is also an active real estate agent with Exit Realty by day—and writes by night (often into the wee hours of the morning).

Experienced with both self-publishing, creating her own imprint and being published by one of the Big6, K. L. Brady as generously agreed to take the time to enlighten us about the ins and outs of the publishing world...[more here]

Monday, July 11, 2011

Publishing Consulting...

I just wanted to reiterate for everyone who comes in contact with this blog that it is imperative that you read the blog from beginning to end before asking questions. I created it to follow a natural progression within the indie publishing the posts in the beginning will deal with things you need to know at the outset, and things you need to know at the latter part of the process fall at the end of the blog. Nine times out of ten, your question has already been answered if you just take the time to read the whole thing. This is free, certainly less than the cost of a book, and it's my gift to indie publishers, my way of paying my success forward, however little that success might be at this stage.

This process can be daunting and confusing if you don't have a foundation. This blog was established to give you that foundation if you don't have it already. But it's no good if you don't read it. Please start from the first post and work your way down, it won't take that long and I guarantee you will learn more for free than you will taking some several hundred dollar seminar with someone else. So please take advantage of it. But please read the entire blog first.

Thank you so much for your following. :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Combatting the Stigma of Self Publishing - Article


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Are You Player Prey? 5 Ways to Break the Cycle

Are You Player Prey? 5 Ways to Break the Cycle

Hilarious New Relationship Blog!

Hello Everyone!

For those who might be interested, I just wanted to tell you about my new relationship blog, based on my debut novel, The Bum Magnet. It's called "Get off the Love Short Bus, SistaGirl Advice for the Lovelorn and Relationship Challenged!"

I started some time ago but got caught up in the marketing of my novel and couldn't keep it up. This time around I've got a great new line-up of regular features and the content should be funny, real, and non-politically correct. :)

I hope you'll follow and enjoy!

Tips & Tricks of the Trade - Author Websites

Saw this great article on what should go on author websites that I wanted to share with the crew. I like this article in particular because she breaks it down between what published writers should have on their websites versus unpublished writers. Check it out! I think you'll find it most helpful.

For those of you looking to set up a website on the cheap, my suggestion is I like their service versus the freeweb service and others because there is no unwanted, distracting advertisements! And you can incorporate advanced features like a blog, paypal, and video for FREE. And did I forget to say that it's FREE!

So set up your author website today and start building your audience!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Self Publishing Expo

It's back again. The Self-Publishing Expo. I've never attended but have seen the line-up of presentations and such. Seems like it may be worthwhile to attend, even if for just the seminars. Not sure I would spend the money on exhibitor space. Here's more information from Publisher's Weekly:

The third annual Self-Publishing Book Expo will take place October 22 at the Sheraton New York Hotel. The show will feature a forum for aspiring authors to pitch their book ideas to agents, editors, and publishers, as well as one-on-one manuscrpit evaluations, in which professional editors will sit down with authors to assess their work.

SPBE will also feature 16 panels on topics ranging from e-books, social networking, pricing, distribution, website building, and legal aspects of self-publishing. The keynote will be given by slef-publishing veteran Dan Poynter.

Admission to the exhibit hall, which will house offerings from various companies in the self-publishing field, will be free. Last year, the show drew over 450 attendees. For more information, visit