Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Bum Magnet - Back on the Market!

In case anyone wonders where I've been over the past few weeks. I'm gonna give you a quick update. And Pimp My Blog will return TOMORROW! So stay tuned for the next indie author spotlight.

I launched my YA Novel Worst Impressions, which is doing pretty well all things considered. I haven't had any books on the market in close to a year, so getting my sales up will take time. But the early reviews I've gotten from teen readers has me over the moon happy!!

Urban Teen Reads called it "Awesome!!!" (they added the three exclamation points) and "Amazing!" (only one there).

And another teen reader gave the following review.

Here's my daughters review:

This was so funny I was laughing most of the time I read this. I finished this book in just three hours. Liz was so funny. Her mom was over protective and her dad reminded me a lot of mine. The love story had a lot of drama and boyfriend stealing, and her sisters were funny too. But what I liked most was Liz, who was a good girl that loved her sisters who she thought were more pretty than she was. I give this 5 stars out of 5, because it was just so funny.

Her parent said: It's good for adults too! I read it with her. It's an Urban Romantic Comedy, so there's a bit of slang, but not too much.

And then another adult said: I'd give this 4.5 stars... Things I Loved: The story is laugh out loud funny in parts. Definitely full of humor but her humor is natural and not forced. It follows the Pride & Prejudice closely but not TOO closely--which is a good thing. The author really manages to bring a few new twists to the story--especially with the mother--and even managed to add suspense when I already knew how it would end.

Yaaaay! It's only 99 cents for a limited time on Kindle, Nook, and Smashwords. After that, the price goes to a mere $2.99 so you can still afford it. :)

The paperback is coming out in April. :)

The big big news is that The Bum Magnet is back on the market, but this time it's in stores Nationwide! It has even been spotted on the shelves at Walmart which I was totally not expecting! So, now you can pick it up just about anywhere. Barnes and Noble, Borders (the ones still open), Booksamillion, and Walmart. If anyone has a Target sighting let me know. If anyone sees it on the shelf, please take a picture with it and send it to me on facebook. I'll post it on my page along with a shout out for one of your books if you're an author!

The best news is that for approximately five minutes, give or take a few seconds, The Bum Magnet made it to the bestseller list for Multicutural Romance!

#11,506 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)
I couldn't believe it. On its first day back on the market. I used to live on this list as an indie author. I never thought I'd see it again so soon. I'm so grateful for anyone who has supported it. Please spread the word and pick up a copy from your favorite local or online retailer. Sales in the first weeks are so important and I would appreciate any kind of support you want to offer. Rom-Com not your thing? Buy a copy or two and donate them to your local library. :)

Thank so much for everything and I'll get back to Pimping Your Novels and offering more advice starting tomorrow. the way. I will be giving a presentation on The Business of Self Publishing at the Maryland Writers Association Annual Conference this Saturday, April 2nd. It's a one-day event and my presentation will be one of MANY great presentations offered during the day. If you're in the DC, MD, VA area, I highly recommend you attend. You can register at the door I believe. For more information, please visit


  1. Congrats, Karla, on the great reviews and your book hitting all those retailers' shelves! Awesome! :)

  2. Thank you, Debbi! It's exciting. Now the hard part. Getting them sold off of the shelves. lol

  3. Your story is so cool and inspiring! I "know" you from over at ABNA.

  4. Oh, boy! You're not kidding, Karla. :)

    Just be sure those books are positioned on the shelf with the front covers out, like in that photo. ;)